About Us

About Us
Kunshan Elegant Machinery Co., Ltd./OxyEasy Air Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan, the birthplace of Kun Opera, between Shanghai and Suzhou. The transportation is very convenient. We`re engaged in developing the VPSA technology and gas separation and the manufacture of VPSA oxygen plant. Our products have been the leading position in domestic VPSA industry and applied in the worldwide. Since established in 1992, we have provided hundreds sets of VPSA oxygen plant for clients which is applied in chemical industry, steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, glass, paper, and sewage treatment ect. Our product has excellent performance and reliable process technology, which bring large economic benefits for clients and wins the trust and respect from customers.

Under the powerful R&D support of Elegant Group and the platform support of chemistry and molecular engineering college, We are endeavoring to be the leader in VPSA gas separation industry with its powerful R&D team, specialized adsorbent, rich experience, integrated service system and honest business concept, based on industrial gas, energy saving and environment protection.

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